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Harish Bhaskaran elected as a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow


The Royal Academy of Engineering is an institution based in the United Kingdom that focuses on promoting excellence in engineering for the benefit of society.

I am humbled and honoured to be recognised, and hope to continue to contribute to engineering and future engineers over the coming years.
– Professor Harish Bhaskaran

On 20 September 2023, Professor Harish Bhaskaran (University of Oxford, HYBRAIN System integration for low-latency inference activities leader) was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (the Academy), due to his exceptional contribution to the field of applied nanomaterials and advanced nanoscale engineering.

By joining the Fellowship, Harish will lend his unique capabilities to achieving the Academy’s overarching strategic goal to harness the power of engineering to create a sustainable society.

With his research achievements in engineering nanoscale devices, Harish is contributing to creating breakthrough innovations as part of the HYBRAIN project.