Electronic-photonic Architectures for Brain-inspired Computing

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HYBRAIN at the European Neuromorphic Research Day

Neuromorphic research day

The International Iberian Nanotechnology (INL) is organizing a one-day research event to bring together coordinators, participants and collaborators from various European projects and industry partners in the field of neuromorphic computing. The areas include but are not limited to, spintronics, electronics, photonics and other approaches, ranging from early-stage technologies to more mature technologies.

Emerging Neuromorphic Research and Technology Future in Europe

Representatives of ten ongoing European research projects on neuromorphic computing and two representatives of very successful companies that apply neuromorphic computing in their technologies will meet at the European Neuromorphic Research Day in Braga, one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, on 15 May 2024. The key motivation is to stimulate discussion on how Europe can ‘bridge the gap in neuromorphic computing going from scientifically sound technologies to innovation and new applications.

HYBRAIN’s contribution to the event

The participating projects cover different neuromorphic approaches using electronics, spintronics, photonics and other approaches and emerging materials often integrated with CMOS with various applications such as computer vision, edge AI, sensing, computing, high-frequency data processing, deep learning, security applications, and signal regeneration.

Wilfred van der WielHYBRAIN Coordinator, University of Twente – will be present at the European Neuromorphic Research Day to provide insights on the latest research activites and work carried out by the HYBRAIN consortium.